Beer Can Chicken

My ski town roommate introduced me to beer can chicken. Who doesn’t like drunken protein?

Shopping List

  • whole chicken
  • garlic
  • small onion
  • beer
  • olive oil
  • Spices (don’t know what to use, try some thyme)

1) Pre-heat the oven to 350 and get a beer (beg, steal, buy, whatever works,  just remember to share with those that you have hurt with alcohol thievery)

2) Drink it 1/3 of the way down (hard I know, that is why I buy a case when I’m doing this, there is also 2 hours of waiting time, so the case came in handy *hiccup*)

3) Place the beer can on a medium size tray,remove the top tab and tear as much out of the top as you can.

4) Cut a small onion (I peel one and them cut a star in the top half so it is still whole but can have things shoved in it)

4) Stick 2 cloves of garlic into the onion. Place the onion with garlic on top of the beer can.

5) Remove all that extra chicken stuff that comes with a whole chicken.

6) Now stuff the beer can up the cavity of the chicken. Drizzle the whole chicken in olive oil. Season how ever you like your chicken, I like to use Montreal chicken spice and thyme.

7) Bake for 2 hours.


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